Why was Vision Financial Consulting created?

We exist to create an outcome where the first word that comes to mind about money is clarity.  



We focus solely on working with Amazon employees which allows us to create an expertise around the unique challenges you face.


What do we do?


We build your financial life upon a solid foundation. Then optimize it.

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Hello, I'm Matthew McDaniel.

 I am the founder and lead financial planner for Vision Financial Consulting. I live in Knoxville, Tennessee with my wife, Annie, and our son, Benjamin. Most weekends, you can find me spending time with family, hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains, or enjoying in great fellowship with friends.



My Time With Amazon

I worked in the Supply Chain Management field before getting into Financial Planning.

I started my career with Amazon right out of college. My onboarding was at PHX6 and ONT6.

After orientation, I joined one of the first few delivery stations in the network as an AM. There were 4 delivery stations at the time. One in Los Angeles. One in in San Francisco. And the other in San Diego.

My location was at DLA2. DLA2 served the Orange County area. We delivered both Amazon fresh and normal amazon deliveries. Our station was fulfilled directly from ONT6.

I immensely enjoyed my time with Amazon. I worked with a talented and dedicated team. As you know, the work is difficult and the stakes are high, but working with great people makes it all worthwhile.