Financial Advice in 5 Easy Steps


Step 1. Let’s Get Together

The goal of this 60 minute meeting is for me to ask a series of questions that will allow me to thoroughly understand your situation. By the time you leave, I'll have all the information that I need to put together a set of solutions for our next meeting. 


Step 2. The Solution Meeting

Based on everything we learned from the first meeting, I am going to present a set of solutions.  When you hear solution or financial plan your first thought might be 2 inch thick book of spreadsheets and data. That is not my goal. My goal is to get it to a 1 page or executive summary written in plain English.  Along with solutions, we will discuss the cost of engagement if you find that partnering with us is a good fit. 


Step 3. Implementation

Now, it is time to put the solutions into action. We do not want to overwhelm you with a to do list of 100+ items. We are going to lay out a brief list of the most critical action items that we will work on together over the next 3 to 6 months. After we implemented those action items, we will move on to the next most critical. I will also be reaching out monthly to touch base. 


Step 4. Course Corrections

When a flight leaves from LA to NY, the pilots know that they are going to make course corrections because some of the variables of the flight are unknown until they come upon them.

The exact same thing can be said concerning your financial life.

Some goals or directions discussed during the financial planning process can be described as "best guesses". There is no way of knowing today what your utility bill will be 32 years from now. It is not the guess that matters. It is the ongoing process of guessing that matters. We will meet periodically to take in the new info that has been presented to us and update our solutions.  Our solution document is a living document. Not a one time event


Step 5. Breathe Easy

You are going to be okay! You have now increased your clarity and reduced any financial worries.