Student Loan Planning

Student Loan Planning

Student Loan Planning


Planning the best loan repayment strategy

How familiar does this sound? My student loans are larger than my salary. How will I ever pay them off? Is Public Service Loan Forgiveness the right path for me? We've all been there.

Student loan planning continues to become more complex. Decisions you make (or do not make) in life often have significant impacts on your student loans. It’s no longer something you can pay off on autopilot – and this is where I can help. I can help you create, execute and track your customized student loan plan. Together, we'll figure out the best way to pay off your student loan and set you on a path toward financial freedom.


Service Features

  • Evaluation of your student loan situation

  • Direction for the best repayment option for you

  • In-Depth Tax Projections for married couples to analyze the pros and cons of the different filing statuses

  • Unlimited email communication with me until your student loans are paid off or forgiven.

  • After the initial strategy is put into place, we will review your repayment options and tax projections annually to ensure that we are taking the most efficient route possible. At this moment, we have no way of knowing what new programs or changes will be made in the future. Staying on top of any of these changes is essential to your student loan repayment strategy.